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Why is blood pressure higher at night?

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Your BP recordings are severely elevated and I hope you are under the care of your doctor and receiving medical treatment. Since you are 31 years old, you need to have a thorough evaluation to rule out secondary causes of hypertension.( Adrenal tumor, pheochromocytoma and renal artery stenosis and thyrotoxicosis.) You should seek medical attention immediately and do not delay or postpone because untreated hypertension can cause stroke, heart attack and kidney failure and loss of vision.

”Blood pressure (BP) varies according to many internal and external factors, and behavioral factors have an important role in diurnal BP variation. BP rises sharply on waking in the morning and falls during sleep at night, although it varies throughout the day and night. These changes in BP are closely related to mental and physical activities, and the sympathetic nervous system mainly contributes to the diurnal variation in BP. Other behavioral factors, such as food consumption and obesity, dietary intake of sodium, drinking and smoking habits, consumption of coffee and tea, and bathing, also affect the diurnal variation in BP. Alterations in diurnal BP variation due to behavioral factors are frequently seen in patients with hypertension and can be classified as morning hypertension, daytime hypertension and nighttime hypertension. Appropriate lifestyle modifications may normalize or improve both the level and rhythm of BP in these patients.”

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