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Top five Anime movies

Table Of Content:

If you are a fan of Anime, I want to recommend my top 5 anime you should really check out. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy them during these period and for those of you who are not fans, I encourage you to try it out. As in, what can you lose in the end?

These top five are arranged randomly, and they are:

1. NOBLESSE: This movie came out this year 2020  although ‘Noblesse the Awakening’ came out a few years prior. But the comic has been out on webtoon and from what I have read and watched, this is seriously a good read for those of you who are into action, Comedy and vampire and warewolf stories. You can check out the Episodes on Crunchyroll or the comic chapters on the webtoon app.

2. DRAGON BALL Z: This anime depicts one of my favorite anime character who goes by the name GOKU. It is all about an alien who lands on earth and grew up with humans, but trained daily in order to get stronger to protect the earth from whosoever wants to destroy it. Although he is a very powerful man, he is a henpecked husband so he is very afraid of his wife. You should really check out this hilarious movie and you can find it in almost any anime site.



3. GINTAMA: This is my recent favorite. It all started with when aliens came to attack the city of EDO and from there the world. It is a very hilarious story that will make you cry, laugh and also piss in your pants. You really should check it out.



4. NARUTO: Almost every body has heard of this Anime. It is very heart touching and humorous with extreme suspense. At times one will feel like killing the character his or herself. I really have no more words to describe it, but you should really check it out. It has over seven hundred episodes in total so for those who doesnt have time, you can start watching from Naruto shippuden.



5. SAIKI KUSUO: I’m laughing as I’m writing this just at the memory of this very hilarious anime. The plot took place in a high school where most scenes happened. I doubt you would cry here if not out of laughter. Every single episodes causes loads of excruciating laughter. The first season has about a hundred episodes while the second season has about twenty four episodes. I won’t narrate this because there really is nothing to narrate. Different adventures happen in this particular anime and narrating it will spoil the fun, so go check it out.



Okay this is all I have for today. Follow me for more updates and if you have any questions for me you can reach out in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

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