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The monster

Table Of Content:

The mirror loomed over them as they traversed the hallways of the abandoned mansion. It was rumoured that no one came out alive from it. The eerie but distant sound of the clock sent a chilling fear down their spine, whenever it hits another second.

The hallways were dark, standing mirrors everywhere. It was a strange sight because everything else they had come across had been broken; only the mirrors were left standing.

The sound of dripping water could also be heard, and they all continued to make their way deeper into the house, following their leader whose code name was Red. A splash was heard and they all paused at the same time. It would have been a funny sight had they been in another situation.

“I knew going for this mission was a bad idea.” An associate, code name green said. She could recognise him, apart from the fact that they were from the same colony, it was more of the extreme pessimist views that made him so famous.

“I told them that this house was not a good idea. Whoever lived there had enough enemies and that brought about their destruction. Why should we go and clean up their mess?” he whispered, clearly frustrated.

“So what of the innocent neighbours who wanted to find out what was going on? They killed children, for crying out loud!” another associate, code black whispered, chidingly.

“It was their fault for not minding their business.” Code green chided. “Who goes to a house that was being destroyed? They had a phone! Would it have hurt to call the police?” Code green said.

Code black remained silent, knowing that Code green was right.

“SHHH!” Code Red reprimanded. eyeing us angrily. They immediately maintained their stance and held their guns, ready to fight anything that came out knowing full well that today might as well be their last.

They walked deeper down the huge mansion, going through rooms and seeing more carnage and blood than they have ever seen. Whoever did this was a monster. She noticed though, that the person had an affinity for mirrors. Everywhere she went, there was destruction, but mirrors that were present were left intact.

They continued their walk down and suddenly the house shook. They all stilled, poised for attack. It was a failed attempt because whatever attacked them was not human. No human could be as fast as what attacked them and because of that, they started shooting randomly, hoping to hit whatever it was that had come to attack them.

She was barely able to study whatever the monster was because she was flung suddenly, her head hitting the wall hard. She fell and was dealt another blow to her head by the hard debris that fell from the wall. She lost consciousness immediately.

She woke up and found herself in a dark empty place. Nearby was a water leak which went ‘tap tap’ on the floor. She was still trying to regain her consciousness which she kept slipping in and out from. After shaking her head, she sat up and immediately regretted the action because of the splitting headache it caused.

She groaned in agony, then realized sadly that every other part of her body hurt. It felt like she had been run over by a herd of cattle. She tried making herself comfortable on the concrete floor and adjust her eyes to her surrounding. That’s when she saw it.

Two dead bodies were lying on either side of her, the picture so horrid she will forever be haunted by it. She took a closer look and gasped loudly as she recognised the mangled bodies that laid next to her.

Her comrades.

© Naomi Obasi

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