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Quarantine of bliss

Table Of Content:

My sweet lady of the lake

Let’s stay in the realm of safety

The force field that covers our paradise will keep the demon out

As we distance ourselves from the rest of the world

Let’s enjoy each other’s company creating long lasting memories

It’s just us acting out our desires
Let us whisper sweet words to each other

As we come together as one flesh causing intense pleasure

The kind that erupts all over our entwined bodies like wide fire

Let’s enjoy the bliss of loving romance

It’s just us having fun under the sun beside the beach

As our bodies stick together in passionate embrace

I look deep into your captivating brown eyes before it closes

In sweet romance you hold me spell bound as we lie face to face

And in wake of our lustful passion

I can see your soul sour with passion over the horizon

Like an agile beautiful eagle

Taking its first flight into the sunset


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