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We are pleased to introduce the single dashboard within which you can access all the links you need to easily carry out your writing and reading. Keep writing, reading and be active as you earn.

You do not have enough paid posts to send, or your submit package has expired. Please, purchase one below and then log in to access the form.


5,000.00 1,000.00
You can win ₦10,000 this month if you buy this package to write and post your best article
  • Best article of the month gets ₦10,000
  • 2nd best article gets ₦5000
  • 3rd best article gets ₦2000
What are you waiting for? Submit your article now if you know you are A WINNER!  

Articles Writing Contest

Be the best at what you do.

To participate in the writing contest, you have to buy a package which gives you access to post 1 contesting article on the contest page. If you want to submit more articles, you have to buy additional package. You can buy more packages.

To win you have to  publish and publicize your article link to friends and ask them to vote you up, like and comment on your article. The most popular article wins. See winning criteria here.

APs gain and loss

Your Level
All Levels

Executive Member
NG₦ 5,001 (APs) to NG₦ 0 (APs)

Pro Writer
NG₦ 2,001 (APs) to NG₦ 5,000 (APs)

Master writer
NG₦ 501 (APs) to NG₦ 2,000 (APs)

Newbie Writer
NG₦ 0 (APs) to NG₦ 500 (APs)


This weeks APs earned
UserDateActivities PointsEntry
BankNG₦ -1 (APs)Activities Points for logging in
Abimbakin AdelekeNG₦ 1 (APs)Activities Points for logging in
BankNG₦ -5 (APs)Activities Points for becoming a member
Abimbakin AdelekeNG₦ 5 (APs)Activities Points for becoming a member
BankNG₦ -1 (APs)Activities Points for logging in
UserDateActivities PointsEntry
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How you earn
Instance Amount Limit
Activities Points for becoming a member NG₦ 5 (APs) -
Activities Points for new Post NG₦ 2 (APs) No limit
Activities Points for Approved Comment NG₦ 1 (APs) Maximum 2 times per post and Maximum 5 times per day
Activities Points for referring a new member NG₦ 20 (APs) No limit
Activities Points for added post like NG₦ 1 (APs) No limit
Activities Points for logging in NG₦ 1 (APs) Maximum once per day
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