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Nigeria’s Wish

Table Of Content:

I’m tired of staying at home. I’m tired of the curfew. I’m tired of the economic problems in our country. I’m tired of the greedy politicians. I’m tired that our voices doesn’t work for us anymore. I’m tired because our leaders don’t care. I’m tired because people’s dreams die everyday. I’m tired because it feels like there is nothing we can do.
But there is something we can do, because voting won’t count, voices won’t be heard. What is this thing we can do? We intervene. Our leaders are apparently to old to be in seat. In this modern world, in order to have everything go your way, everyone knows that you have to carry everyone along. Our leaders don’t. They think of their families and themselves.
How do we intervene? We join politics. We were able to organize a very good #ENDSARS protest, we can do better during voting periods. We can form political parties. Don’t worry, people will vote for you. You can make your agenda clear. Far as you are helping Nigeria grow along the way, I’m pretty sure that no one will care how many cars you have.
For us Nigerians, all we care about is progress. If you cannot help us, then don’t lead us. All secrets come out in the open. Judgement awaits all. Money can’t buy you out of it. And this money that people are willing to kill for, at the end of the day, it will be your only companion. No true friend will be by your side. Your own family will use you and when you finally die, even the money will leave you.
Let’s get our priorities straight. Let’s first make this our country grow, then you can start thinking of yourself. Is it too much to ask?

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