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Never waste your pooping time

Table Of Content:

I sat on the WC to release all the waste and be free and ready to take another well nourished food for the day. Spending time to eat is a good thing because it make me keep living , looking good and healthy. But have you ever asked your self what do you do when you are passing out the waste products . That moment when you seat on the WC and let go of those unnecessary things can be used to do allot of things:
1. Write
2. Research
3. Reply to mails

Because of the area of attention I want to draw on this article, let us consider these points only though there reasons.


1. Due to the times we live in, time is one very important commodity and making wise use of time can not be overemphasised. If you are a writer, one off the best moments to get inspiration is when you are in the toilet. “everyone poop” they say and that makes it more interesting. We all can do this. On the average, if you can type 40 words per minute . Lets divide that by 2 if you have to do the thinking before you put it down, it means that if you type 20 words per minute, you could type 100 words in 5 min and if you spend 5 min on the average popping, you could write 500 words in 5 days. I think that’s worth it for the time you world have spend doing nothing but pooping.


2. One thing you sure need when researching is the ability to put things together. When looking for sources, you need to think and know the right words or phrases to use in other to find related and satisfying materials that correlate with your writing. And for that you need focus. One of the best times for our body to be focused is while pooping. You are alone and no one will come to disturb you. Thoughts run through your mind. I don’t know of you but as for me, some of the best ideas I have had are either in the toilet or bathroom.

Reply emails

3. Emails could be easily left out when you don’t always look at them, your pooping time could be used to check on your emails and reply. You know what a 10 to 15 minutes writing time can do for you?
Obviously I thought of this while I was pooping and took up my phone to start typing and I only did this twice to write this well researched article, Since I have to Google some points I had in my heard just to be sure of some facts and figures. You too can do this.
If you are a writer never waste your pooping time.

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  1. I’m not sure how hilarious this is to the writer, but I just kept smiling after reading. Logically considering the article, I think it makes sense. Time is very essential.

  2. You can also use your pooping time for creative thinking and to reflect on your life choices.

  3. @Bandsng, I can’t post an article and I still couldn’t find a button I can lodge my complaint, what’s happening, please?

  4. It sounds like me. I cant infact go to the bathroom without my phone. Its helped alot, but I have lost two of my phone in this process. So i have learned to use with caution.

  5. Wow,very good read

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