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My hair is the view!

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Curly hair quotes

There is a beauty of every woman people say. Hair is a common property of all humans both male and female and it is used to protect the epidermis that is the skin. The hair is on all parts of the body but the part of the body which constitute the most hair is found on the head. The hair gland on the head has lot of vitamins that helps assist in growth. Some people have long hair while some have short hair depending on various factors such as heredity, sometimes environment or even the vitamins available to the hair follicle for growth. The natural hair might be black, brown or any other colour depending on the colour pigment in the hair. The hair being black or brown colour depends on a pigment called eumelanin.

Curled Hair
When hair grows, it grows straight or curled. Either ways the hair can be designed in different ways. Curly hair is natural among the Africans while Americans have a straight natural hair. African americans are blessed with the combination of both the Americans hair and the Africans hair. The hair is very long, full and at the same time curly. Straight hair is not bad too. It’s also great as you can still curl them at a salon using rollers and other instruments like that. The result is usually very unique. Curly hair is very full and it gives you a cute look. Curly hair generally gives you a special class which will make you proud. Girls with curly hair are really very beautiful especially when you put on a very nice smile. Nice curly hair quotes are even coiled out to give these beautiful girls a nice feeling.

Curly Hair Quotes
There are many curly hair quotes that help to appreciate the soeciality of curly hair. Not even many people like curly hair but curly hair is really spectacular whenever you try it. It changes your look and makes you so cute.

When someone says, “Excuse me, your hair is blocking the view”, look back and say, “Sorry dear, my hair is the view!” because it really is. You’re beautiful!http://Curly hair

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