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Is Laycon and Nengi emotionally attached?

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Is Laycon and Nengi emotionally attached?

The Big Brother Naija show has been a hit back to back because everything happening in the house is so confusing and complicated recently.

Laycon is who’s the favorite of many Nigerians have really been having fun in the house from day one till now and he’s quite lucky enough to be among the last five people in the house. He’s party vibes has really made him come this far and he’s really enjoying himself there.

Nengi who’s also so very lucky has been enjoying herself in the house from day one till present and Ozo who she calls her closest friend have also made it fun for her in the house.

Ever since the eviction of Ozo in the house everything just changed entirely, Laycon have gotten the attention of more people because of what is happening between him and Nengi.

Recently Laycon have been into Nengi because she’s the only person that rocks him the way he wants it. She goes to Laycon during dancing time because she believes if she gives Laycon he will accept it willingly and he’s the only guy she can give such dance because Neo has Vee already and Laycon is just neutral.

Laycon and Nengi have been having fun together back to back, and anyone watching will be thinking the are emotionally attached.

The question is: Is Nengi and Laycon emotionally attached? Don’t forget to like and drop your comment.

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  1. Dike Solomon Chisom Augustine September 27, 2020 at 9:04 am

    With the look of things I think they are

    • Are they emotionally attached? Who can really say? It could be a lot of things, and it’s probably what happens when people are together. They flow towards those with whom they share the same tastes and certain characteristics. As said, it could be a lot of things— a chance at entertaining the masses, a play for the prizes, or the chance for one last fling. So, is it emotional attachment? It goes way beyond that, it’s more akin to a business venture— Nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

  2. No
    they are just friends

  3. Anything is possible but for now no one is sure.

  4. No,they are just friends

  5. They are in love joor

  6. Laycon is a neutral person

    • There’s nothing attached to their relationship, they’re just getting along well, flowing well with the vibe. That’s like a best friend starter pack though, who else agrees?

  7. We are all humans and we all feel emotions.

  8. Laycon loves everyone in the house

  9. Laycon only love Erica

  10. I doubt they are attached or something. I saw someone saying Laycon loves Erica. Well that was before. Right now, Laycon likes Lilo

  11. Laycon likes her as just a friend

  12. Yes they are. They are far too comfortable together.

  13. Laycon used her to have fun that’s all

  14. Laycon my guy is a legend

  15. Laycon na woman wrapper for the house 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  16. Laycon is my nigga oh
    Baba for the girls

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