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”I promise to take care of you” he said to me. Peter and I had been together for years. Our families had known each other for a long time. We moved in together soon enough and once we had saved enough, we were going to have our dream wedding. But he was drifting away, there was this girl..at work, short dark hair. I always thought he liked it..long. I cut my hair. Maybe he wanted a different look, but he barely noticed. We had arguments about it, he said I was overthinking and acting crazy. Maybe I was wrong or was it her brown eyes? I thought. They would go for lunch together and I would watch them from another end of their favorite spot, laughing and holding hands. They kissed the other day, he apologized, it was a mistake. Maybe I wasn’t being the best partner to him, he had complained about stress the other day. This must be too much for him, the pressure, the wedding..that’s why he was drifting away. He came back home one day and we had dinner, he was out on the couch as soon as possible, the pills I put in his drink worked faster than I anticipated. I watched him sleep. Later on, I brought out the wheelchair I had bought for him, carefully placing him on it and tying him up properly. I had to cover his mouth as well, I didn’t want the neighbors interfering. I got the chainsaw from the back. He opened his eyes slowly, I smiled. I cut his legs. Now we could always be together. He didn’t have to worry, or stress, I would provide for us. I held him as he screamed in pain, I whispered “I promised to take care of you”.

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