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How to stop wearing makeup

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Actually, it is seen that wearing makeup makes us truly look unique, who wouldn’t believe that?

Let us look at how to stop wearing makeup and learn to appreciate your true skin.

Now, you must consider since lot of us wear makeup everyday without even thinking about it. To stop wearing makeup you skin must be put to mind first and not just the makeup because whatever damaged the skin cost more to replaced.

Makeup can’t be bad for the skin, and people wear them freely, “However, some people can develop sensitivities to certain ingredients found in makeup.”

Sleeping without taking off your makeup can run a chance of letting the bacteria, oil, sebum, build up on the skin surface and cause a breakout. It can also cause clog pores and when not removed with the right cleaning routine. It can create blackheads and spots, so wearing of makeup must be checked.

How to stop wearing makeup

1. Have you ever considered to reduce the makeup you wear first-

It can be scary telling people to stop doing what they are used to, what you do wear all the time. No matter how difficult it maybe, start by limiting most of your makeup first. Yes you do put on heavy makeup some can finish a cup of brown powder for just one week.

You can try mascara, powder, and you add blush for a week. This is you deciding and can be a great start to completely eliminate makeup.

2. Why not go without makeup for one full month –

Don’t shout now, trust me quitting any habit for the first month is most difficult, if you don’t give the makeup that space for at least a month, you just might not get a chance to fully give up your daily makeup.

3. Keep the change to yourself –

Keep your change to yourself and if you must tell, let it be those who won’t criticize you. Back then in school yes we use to call girls in my department that go without makeup the, “Mummy G.O’s but trust me those girls actually made it to the top in my department then which will lead me to the next heading.

4. Have you ever thought about avoiding real distraction –

You will agree that most distractions to girls are simply the makeup things.

Why, because most young ladies put on makeup just to attract the opposite gender, many want to be told girl…. You look fine.

Yes put on makeup if you need to but not for attention and attraction because these are most of the distractions many undergraduates face face in school.

Whoever won’t appreciate or accept your true beauty won’t accept you no matter what.

I have asked most guys, do you appreciate a girl in cutex or makeup? Immediately they said No!

But i said to them yes but I like feeling and looking good and I love light makeup, most of them responded by saying, ‘yes I can accept that’.

So, look good and don’t think that you can hide you behind your makeup because men are not out looking for the girl who did best makeup but those who have it up there.

5. Your mirrors –

Cover your mirrors. If you can’t go without makeup, then cover your mirrors with sheet, towels at least for the first week without makeup. Then after the first week go back to your mirror and smile at that man in the mirror say to him ” I love you just the way you are” try it once and you will do it again and again.

The important thing is to love, accept, respect, appreciate you first before going outside and someone else accept you.

Its all on that man you see in the mirror.

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