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How to Produce Weed Killer (Herbicide)

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Weed killers are also known as herbicides. They are used to destroy weeds or herbs in our farms. Weeds are described as any plants growing in a place that they are not wanted, and thus constitute nuisance to humans and their environment.

Weed killers come in both liquid and solid forms. There are also general purpose as well as specific purpose herbicides.

For example a weed killer can be formulated to kill only fibrous root plants and can also be formulated to kill only tap rooted plants as may be desired.

However, in this article, we shall only focus on general purpose weed killers.


Sodium Chlorate: This is a highly active ingredient. it comes in solid powder form.
Calcium Carbonate: This is an inert carrier. It cannot kill weeds but can help to carry the active matter.
Water: Water, also, is an inert carrier. If the product is to be in liquid form.
Colourant: This can be optional if required for the liquid state, it must be a water – soluble colourant. Any colour can be used: green, yellow, blue, red, etc.


Mixer: Low – Speed mixer (Manual or Motorised) with stainless steel or plastic tank (This is only used for liquid type herbicides).
Ribbon Mixer: This is usually the type of mixer designed for powders only.
Weighing Scale: You use this for weight measurements.
Measuring Cylinder: This is for measuring liquids.
Safety Tools: You need cover – alls hand – gloves, goggles, boots, respirators (Which are the relevant safety tools to produce weed killers.


Following carefully the specified formulation, the production of weed killer (herbicide) is very simple.

The ingredients are carefully measured out and mixed either in a low – speed mixer (if it’s liquid form), or in a ribbon mixer (if its in the powder form) take note that mixing takes about 15-20 minutes if batch is 50kg or less. But bigger batches should be mixed for a longer period. After mixing, test the product in batches and package it as obtainable in the market. 250 mls, 500 mls, 1 litre, 4 litres etc.

Note: That a typical general purpose weed killer should contain between 54 – 58% of active ingredient.


The liquid type of weed killers are usually packaged in plastic bottles and jerry-cans, while the powder types are usually packaged in polypropylene bags or specially made nylon.

Note: All containers should bear labels, describing the type, size, usage and storage methods, date of production and expiry date.

Ensure you register your products with the appropriate statutory bodies like the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and the NAFDAC.

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