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Communication is a skill, a skill one must learn but, sadly, not everyone understands the essence of having a good communication skill. It goes beyond just opening our mouth and blotting out whatever our mind present to us.


For every situation or occurrence, there’s a specific way one must follow to ensure good and effective communication. From settling quarrels, resolving misunderstandings between oneself and another, interviews, communicating with children to communicating with people of high caliber e.g. State Governments.

Communication Skill hidden truth


During my red cross days at highschool, we were preparing for an event for our school council meeting. We had to prepare item 7 which Involves cooking and we had to do that at a girl’s house, she offered her place for the cooking but we had no knowledge that her parents were not aware of our coming.


After cooking and we were almost done packing up, her mother walked in with a man who I later realized was her uncle, behind them were their neighbors. She accused us of sexual immorality in her house, we were 3girls and 2boys. I noticed from the presence of some of her neighbors that they were the ones that gave her the wrong assumption.


We should have calmed down and explain one by one our course at her house but we all defended ourselves violently which led to the man giving us a beating of our lives and to make this more interesting, we were all offered a cold bottle of pepsi and we received another round of lecturing. We were now able to explain our reason for coming to her house.


What if we had communicated the right way at the first instance, we wouldn’t have gone through the beating episode.


Good communication involves listening first, understanding what is said before trying to say anything.


Someone with the mindset of committing suicide can walk up to you for advice on a pressing matter and because you lack the listening skill, you tend to give an unpleasant reply that can’t help the situation on ground.


The moment you start communicating with everyone with a sense of firm consciousness is when you can confidently say you’ve successfully captained your communication.


A good communication involves you identifying the differences between you and the other person or persons involved and using that difference noticed to arrive at a conclusion that has the same radius from the point your conclusion was established to that where every other opinion is.


A good communicator has to be the person that is willing to study the person involved in the communication to be able to establish an effective communication.


Work on your communication skills today and discover how interesting it is to be able to communicate effectively with everyone.

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