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Do These Three Things If You Are Addicted To Drugging A Lady

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Not every guy has the courage or grace to approach a lady, but that is not an excuse to drug your fellow human being for an unnecessary reason. Many innocent girls have lost their lives for of this reason. Even in parties, someone might just take it as a point of duty to drug the drinks just to make sure that every one has that euphoric feeling, but they seem to forget that the consequences might be deadly atimes.

Before indulging in such act think carefully, what if the person’s system can’t actually take the drug. Don’t endanger an innocent girl’s life for no particular reason. If you are fond of such act, do these three things immediately.
1. Immediately refrain from such act

Do well to stop such a habit immediately, because it might land you in prison or worse. What if someone dies in the process? Some things are not to be joked with.
2. Visit your Doctor for therapy incase it’s an addiction
Some people are addicted to things without even knowing, so it’s necessary you visit your Doctor in order to receive professional help and know the dangers involved in using such drugs.
3. Advice others against it
The best way to fully separate from such act is to advice people against it. Be sure to create awareness so that people who practice such act will know the dangers involved.

  1. Hmmmmmmm

    I pray they listen, but why will any sensible fellow drug others without their consent?

    Well done

  2. Stupid act

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