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COVID-19 Articles Guidelines

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that is currently impacting everyone across the globe. It’s important to remember that content related to COVID- 19 needs to be an authentic and sensitive representation of the world we’re experiencing now. The impact of this virus has deeply affected many people, communities and businesses, so it is critical to ensure that any content is created with honesty, empathy and care in mind. 

Here are some guidelines to help you create meaningful and relevant content:

  • Be authentic and try to create content that can help spread awareness, unity and connection at a time when we need it the most. 
  • Represent everyday things and situations. Aside from general ‘health’, consider creating content that reflects current everyday activities, like washing hands, social distancing and isolation, seeking medical advice and care.
  • Think global. This health pandemic is impacting everyone from all demographics, age, sex, gender and ethnicity. 

We also ask that you keep in mind the following Top Rejection Reasons:

  • Avoid anything that could be seen as sensationalizing the issue or spreading misinformation. If you are including a review of products, please make this clear by adding a disclaimer in your review.
  • Example: “Please note: Information provided as preview content is for demonstration purposes only. Refer to your local government and/or health organisations for the most accurate and up to date information.”
  • As with all items, be respectful of others and avoid anything that could be seen as inappropriate. Items that incite fear, hatred or racism etc will not be accepted.
    • Example: Coronavirus party flyers are inappropriate and do not have any practical use given current social distancing measures
  • Be mindful of how your articles could be interpreted by readers, including how you market your items. Inappropriate titles, tags and descriptions will not be accepted.
    • Example: Referring to the virus as “Chinavirus” or “Wuhanvirus” is inappropriate – the scientific name is COVID-19 which is shorthand for Coronavirus Disease 2019.

This is a challenging time for all, and we at bandsng writers community encourage you to keep doing what you do best, writing. We’re all in this together and can each do our part to spread awareness, hope and positivism during this difficult time.

With love

The Bandsng team.

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