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Best superhero movies of all time (11-20)

Table Of Content:

Superhero movies, the current owners of the box office and are one of the most watched genre of movies at the present. They have been great and not so great superhero movies over the years. Today we’ll be looking at my pick for the 11th to 20th best superhero movie of all time.

20.TheDarkKnightRises(2012): Coming in 20th place I’d Christopher Nolan’s final piece in the Dark Knight trilogy. Though not as excellent as its two predecessors, it manages to give us a befitting finale to the Dark knight’s story/arc.

Christian bale’s batman in The Dark knight rises

19. Man of Steel(2013): A year after the Dark Knight Rises was Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. Though it doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves but It managed to do something that many movies had failed to do by Portaying Superman in a way we can relate to by showing us a man with flaws while still showing his godlike tendencies.
18. Superman 2(1975): Close ahead is also about The Man of Steel, The second outing for Richard Donner was somewhat problematic to say the least, with the theatrical release widely tipped as not his work, but barring the controversies it was still a great movie and managed to pick up from where it predecessor left off while adding new layers to the Superman character.
17.Batman(1987): In many ways, Tim Burton’s Batman movie to say the very least was one of the main pioneers for how superhero movies could thrive on the big screen, with a less complicated story than most of its counterparts, It managed to potray an enjoyable and yet realistical take on the Dark Knight. And who can forget the acting performances.
16. Avengers Endgame(2019): In number 16 is the highest grossing movies of all time. Many people might disagree with its position but endgame while a great movie in its own right fails to have that lingering suspense and edge of the seat thrill it’s immediate predecessor (infinity wars) had as it felt somewhat predictable.
15. Captain America Civil War(2016): Preceding Infinity wars was a sort of long trailer for it in the vain of a movie, the story adapted from the popular comic stream of same name gave fans a different type of superhero movie by piting two of our beloved set of superheroes against one another and it was truly a sight to behold.
14. Spider-ManHomecoming(2017): The Mcu’s first attempt at marvel’s biggest property certainly didn’t dissapoint. The realistic depiction of Spiderman had fans completely immersed into its world with Tom Holland’s Spiderman’s over-enthusiasm at being a hero while having no idea the consequences and efects it entails was the main selling point of the movie.
13.Black Panther(2018): Ryan Coogler’s black panther was critically applauded for breaking new grounds in superhero story telling, it was a great movie nonetheless but most people tend to get lost in the sentiments attached to the movie. It was a great story but nevertheless it’s strong story could have done more, but it’s still up there as one of the best superhero movies of all time.

Black panther

12.Batman Returns (1989): Tim Burton’s second outing with The Caped Crusader was superb with it adding layers to the it’s predecessors story, the combination of the Penguin and Catwoman automatically creating the unspoken rule of every Batman movie having at least two villians.

11.X-men Days of the Future past(2014): This is one of the best X-men movie out there, with its thought provoking subject matter only for those with the most detailed set of minds to understand the intriguing messages embedded in it. it has been probably the most criminally underrated superhero movie.

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