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Be that Pretty Lady Always

Table Of Content:

What do you feel make you pretty? Is it your outfit, your hair, your stature, your shape or what exactly? Right here, I feel it’s everything because all can equally affect your smile. A bright smile that signify a sign of satisfaction in a lady, it shows she’s happy.

But how can she be happy when her mind is locked up in the thoughts of how to survive? Money! My mum always says “A woman’s life is so delicate and a lady has to just wear that smile no matter what it takes.” And to wear that smile, I bet you have to live your life to your satisfaction.

Let’s start with this!

You need a job as a lady. A job; it can be self made or you working for an institution to earn money.
After that is sorted out, you need to strategize your earnings; where does a this portion or that portion of my salary go to? Make a plan that covers all aspects of the life you live – your makeup items, your shoes, your toiletries, your food stuff, your clothes, your hair, your bills, your savings, extra expenses. When you’ve sorted all these out for the month, what’s left? Any extras will be under the expense. Scrap off the ones that are not so urgent and save up for them.
Dress well. Thanks to the fashion Industry and even the movie industry. Those celebrities have touched it all. You do not need to have the whole world to dress well. You only need to know the right outfit that suits you well. You’re plumpy, know what’s nice on you. You’re skinny, know what’s also nice for you. And you need to dress rightly. Know the appropriate outfits for various occasions. Use nice accessories and makeup that match both your personality and your event too.
Your food. What’s your taste? How’s your feeding plan? You shouldn’t eat without an appropriate feeling plan. This is kind of responsible for some fats in our system. Eat healthily to maintain that your nice stature or even to get it.
Think; Be creative. Creativity is ability in every woman for things she may encounter. You don’t condemned stuffs because of the damage, see what you can do to them. Mistakes are bound to happen, at home, in the office and so on. Don’t even got to the side of the kids. If you aren’t able to make right what have been wrong, you might get so stressed.
Rest when you need to.

  1. There are so many things to do as a lady to ensure you keep your smile and it all has to do with the coordination of the happenings around you. Lest I forget, relate well with everyone you can. Be a lady of your word. Keep your value. Build your world. That’s living!
    Isaac Finette.
  1. Dike Solomon Chisom Augustine July 22, 2020 at 1:12 pm

    Ladies life 😁😁

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