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Bandsng write House Rules

House Rules

1.We welcome you to the official Bandsng writers Community. These community rules govern any contributions that you make to the bandsng website, including comments, posts, links and the like.

2.Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, photos and videos related to bandsng write. We will do our best to answer any questions you might have. If you have a specific customer care issue, we recommend that you send us a personal message or contact our support team.

3.We want the atmosphere of this space to remain community minded. Therefore we thank you for respecting the views expressed by others.

4.We will be moderating this page and removing content according to the guidelines and terms of use as set out below:

a. Contents that-affects other users’ use or enjoyment of the sites;

b. is false, misleading, fraudulent, unlawful, abusive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, or offensive;

c. infringes others’ rights, including privacy or intellectual property rights; discloses personal information about others, particularly sensitive information; contains a virus, spyware, or other harmful component;

d. contains commercial solicitation or ‘spam’ or; otherwise. Offensive content will be removed from this page without prior notification.

5.If you stumble upon such content, please report it by sending a message to Bandsng with the direct message on your profile.

6.You are solely responsible for the content you post on the Bandsng Community pages. Please make sure that your content is original and do not infringe the property, privacy or other rights of any other person.

7.Please understand that the opinions and views expressed by our community are not necessarily representative of those from Bandsng and its conglomerates. Official content endorsed by Bandsng is published through the account named (Bandsng).

Commenting APs

8. We appreciate your contribution on the comment section, it’s to air your views about an article or an author and for that we give you 1 AP each time you comment on an article. But you can not spam a comment by dropping multiple comments on a single post of writing just one or two word such as nice, good write up, wow, or comment that are not relevant to the article. Our algorithm will detect your comment as spam and that will give you -5 APs. For each spam detected you minus 5 APs.

Hate speech

9. Hate speech is not allowed on bandsng because it creates an environment of intimidation and exclusion, and in some cases, may result to real-world violence.

10. Accordibg to the Federal government of Nigeria’s law on hate speach, a person must not:

  • Transmit a statement that is false or,
  • Transmit a statement that might:
  • i. Affect the security or any part of Nigeria. ii. Affect public health, public safety or public finance. iii. Affect Nigeria’s relationship with other countries. iv. influence the outcome of an election to any office in a general election. v. Cause enmity or hatred towards a person or group of persons.
  • Anyone guilty of the above is liable to a fine of N300,000 or three years imprisonment or both (for individual); and a fine not exceeding ten million naira (for corporate organisations).
  • Same punishment applies for fake online accounts that transmit statements listed above.

Parody accounts

  • A person shall not open an account to transmit false statement.
  • Anyone found guilty will be fined N200,000 or three years imprisonment or both (for an individual) or five million naira (for corporate organisations).
  • If such accounts transmit a statement that will affect security or influence the outcome of an election, such a person will be fined N300,000 or three years imprisonment or both.
  • If a person receives payment or reward to help another to transmit false statements knowingly, he/she is liable to a fine of N150,000 or three years imprisonment or both. If a person receives payment or reward to help another to transmit a statement affects security or influence the outcome of an election, the fine is N300,000 or three years imprisonment or both (for individual) and ten million naira for organisations.


A law enforcement department can issue a “declaration” to offenders. And this declaration will be issued even if the “false statement” has been corrected or pulled down.

  • The offender will be required to publish a “correction notice” in a specified newspaper, online location or other printed publication of Nigeria.
  • Failure to comply, a person is liable to N200,000 or 12 months imprisonment or both (for individual) and five million naira for organisations.

Access blocking order

The law enforcement department will also issue an access blocking order to offenders.

  • The law enforcement department may direct the NCC to order the internet access service provider to disable access by users in Nigeria to the online location and the NCC must give the internet access service provider an access blocking order.
  • An internet access service provider that does not comply with any access blocking order is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding ten million naira for each day during any part of which that order is not fully complied with, up to a total of five million naira.

Bandsng Hate Speach

We take the hate speach law seriously and will not condol and offender in our community. On that light we define hate speech as a direct attack on people based on what we call protected characteristics – race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity and serious disease or disability. We protect against attacks on the basis of age when age is paired with another protected characteristic, and also provide certain protections for immigration status. We define “attack” as violent or dehumanising speech, statements of inferiority, or calls for exclusion or segregation. We separate attacks into three tiers of severity, as described below.

Sometimes people share content containing someone else’s hate speech for the purpose of raising awareness or educating others. In some cases, words or terms that might otherwise violate our standards are used self-referentially or in an empowering way. People sometimes express contempt in the context of a romantic break-up. Other times, they use gender-exclusive language to control membership in a health or positive support group, such as a breastfeeding group for women only. In all of these cases, we allow the content but expect people to clearly indicate their intent, which helps us better understand why they shared it. Where the intention is unclear, we may remove the content.

We allow humour and social commentary related to these topics. In addition, we believe that people are more responsible when they share this kind of commentary using their authentic identity.

9. At any time Bandsng has the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notification, to change these Community Rules and our Terms of Use.

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