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Articles contest Criteria for Judging

Article Contest: Criteria for Judging

Criteria for Judging article on Bandsng write are:


This is the main focus of the competition and the most important aspect to take into account as you submit your article. You need to invite your friends, go on social media and post your article link, advertise your article in many forums as possible and tell friends to visit the website to support you to win. Readers votes will be applied in an effort to streamline the writing competition and to make judging less subjective to just the admin and editors.

Each reader of your article has the privilege to vote for or against you and to leave a comment as to how they feel (negatively or positively). So the winner will mainly be determined by popularity, votes, love and the comments they get from readers. The following added criteria will afterwards be applied to determine the finalists:

  • Creativity
  • Structure 
  • Adherence to Topic
  • Grammar
  • Length 
  • “Wow!” effect.

These criteria are discussed at length below.


The goal is to reward writers who display the ability to think “outside the box”—that is, those who provide something other than formulaic answers, and who can do so in a novel or unusual way. Here are what we look out for in a truly creative writeup:

Does the writer express ideas not commonly found in other articles on the internet, and was the article created by the writer?   

Does the writer answer the question or present the topic in an unexpected way?

Does the writer present the topic in a way that creates suspense in the readers? Is the writing engaging?


The way in which your article is organized helps make it more easily understood and appreciated. Articles that are , for example, just one long paragraph with no visual breaks are both hard on the eyes and display a lack of maturity in composition. So we will look out for styles of sentence structure, good combination of lexis, beautiful use of figures of speech.

Adherence to Topic

Sometimes some writers can write very clearly, but the whole article might actually have little or nothing to do with the topic or title. While being

creative means a writer’s ability to be able to find many unusual ways to answer a question or bring a topic alive which may include writing in form of essays, stories, dialog, and so on, they should still, in some way, obviously respond to the chosen topic or title of the article.

Questions to consider when looking to see adherence to topic in an article include:

Does this article in one way or another address the question asked or topic at hand? Is there excessive and deliberate diversion from the main topic?


Although good grammar is important and should not go unrewarded, the goal of this competition is to encourage creative thinking, not drive writers to worry about their verb conjugation, use of big grammar or stick to traditional spelling methods. That being said, as long as the grammar is understandable and does not hinder a reader’s ability to comprehend the article, it’s worth giving a +1 vote. So while you read, ask yourself:

Is the grammar of this article simple and correct enough that the article is easy to understand?

Is it too long that it becomes boring or too short that it doesn’t make sense?

There is no word maximum or minimum in the competition; however, most articles that are deemed worthy of a second reading should not be too short (i.e., only a few sentences).

“Wow!” effect

This is where a writer is exceptional—articles that display an incredible use of vocabulary, clever ideas, great style, and so on. These are articles that truly impress the readers.

Point to keep in mind as you read:

Does this article “wow” me for one reason or another?

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