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5 Unique Steps to Women’s Workout

Table Of Content:

There are virtually thousands of distinct steps to take while designing your workout plan as a woman. However, the most common denominator to a woman’s ultimate workout plan is the goal she has imprinted on the back of her mind, therefore driving every aspect of her workout.

Evidently, the question she must ask herself is, what do I want to achieve in the short term, and what do I want to achieve in the long term?

If she needs to lose some weight before summer, or if she needs to get fit in order to partake in a marathon or fitness competition. These reasons have specific and individual steps ascribed to them.

In a nutshell, fitness is required to have a specific step because it is procedural in nature. Therefore, discussed below are 5 general steps to take in order to plan your workout as a woman

Step 1 – Take Body & Fitness Measurements

The first and foremost step in planning your workout as a woman is to analzye and examine your body, and figure out where you stand on a health and fitness level.

During a fitness assessment, the assessor will check your weight, body fat percentage, and will perform some circumference measurements upon request. You will be using a scale and tape measure to check weight and body circumferences. They will often use a hand-held analyzing device to measure body fat.

Any testing you do should reflect what you want to ultimately want to achieve. Don’t forget to re-evaluate and re-test later down the road. It is highly recommend you get the fitness assessment in order to give you your baseline numbers.

Step 2 – Set Your Goals

The next step is to develop your ultimate workout goal. You are required to think long and hard about this step. Take time to really dig deep into what is driving you to do the things you do.O

Onceyou figure out what you really love to do in the fitness and athletics world, write down a couple of goals you want to achieve. Post them on your refrigerator, your office cubical, anywhere to remind you what it is that you are working towards.

Step 3 – Create a Diet Plan

A well-established diet can make or break you in the end.

If you’re not eating at least half your protein in body weight daily, it could take you forever to see improvement.

Eat foods high in heart healthy fats, antioxidants, and energy boosting ingredients such as avacados, blueberries, walnuts, beans and eggs.

Now take the healthy foods you love to eat and get your food prepping done over the weekend. Grab some portable glass containers and prepare the meals you are going to eat for the rest of the week.

Don’t just prepare meals, prepare snacks, shakes and smoothies.  This will help you stay on your eating schedule and avoid recessing for those cakes and cookies sitting in the work breakroom.

Step 4 – Design Your Workouts

The most important step of planning your workout is the designing of your workout routine

Are you training for power, finesse, agility, or endurance?

You are required to make your research about areas you are planning on working on.

Make a plan for each workout and their particular days in the week. Make sure to follow the plans of the workout and try as much as possible to complete each workout each day.

However, you are also required to make time for rest in order to regain more energy and push forward

Step 5 – Track Your Results

Make sure to record everything you do and eat. There is no way to tell how far you’ve come if you have no idea what you did in the past.

Grab a journal, make an excel sheet, download an app. Do something to track what you’ve done in the past and what you’ll be doing in the future.

Remember all those fitness and body assessments you took at the beginning? Do them again on a bi-monthly basis. Check and re-check. Make sure you are progressing in the right direction.

Be honest with yourself. When you lie on your log, the only one you are hurting is yourself and the fitness future you are looking for.


The key to getting to where you want to go is to first develop a roadmap to your destination. The ones who prepare their route are going to get there 10 times faster than someone who wings it and has no idea what they are doing.

Setup your fitness program with the end in mind. Design, analyze, re-evaluate, and continue to progress. The only way you can fail in this approach is if you straight up quit.


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  1. This article is extremely amazing,very okay for those that want to keep track their weight as they are too fat.

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