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5 Proven Tips to article writing

If you want your artivles or blog posts to be interesting to readers, you have to put in some effort to write good article. I will show you the secrets of how to write a blog post that converts? In this article, we’ll share 6 tips that will help you write yourarticles with great success.

1. Solve a Real Problem

If your post is solving a problem or carrying an important news, people will sure come around it to find information or solutions for their problems.  share tips. Get creative, but don’t stray too far from the goal of solving your customer’s problems.

2. Keep Your paragraphs short

Do you realize that most people that visit your blog post usually leave without reading it all the way through? It is much easier to read when you break up your article with subheadings.

Do anything you can do to make it easy on the user’s eyes is going to help them read your blog post (and take the action that you want them to).

Another quick tip is to use shorter paragraphs to help your readers work their way through your post.

heading to this points can build your traffic, convert leads, and increase your revenue.

in a nut-share, organize your ideas through subheadings and keep your paragraphs short to help your reader absorb more information in less time.

Sometimes you can even go a step further than short paragraphs, which brings us to our next tip…

3. Use Bullet Points

People tend to skim blog posts before they decide to read it. That means you need to make sure to highlight your best information. That way, they can quickly see that your post is worth their time.

Aside from subheadings, bullet lists are perfect because they’re very easy to skim through.

Here are some tips that we use to write bullet points that people will actually read:

  • Express clear benefits. Think of bullets as mini-headlines.
  • Keep your bullets symmetrical. 1-2 lines each.
  • Avoid bullet clutter. Don’t write paragraphs in bullets.
  • Remember bullets are not sentences. They’re just like headlines.

Again, people don’t come to blog posts for leisurely beach reading. They want specific information and don’t want to work to get it.

Bullet points are an excellent way to spoon-feed your audience in a way that keeps them coming back for more.

4. Add Images

images on blog

Source: shearaholic

The human brain processes visual content a lot faster than text-based content. That’s why adding captivating images can help boost your engagement.

There are tons of awesome free resources for finding high-quality royalty-free images, including just googling.

But honestly, you’d probably be better off taking your own photos or creating your own images. Stock photos are great when you’re in a pinch (and we definitely use them from time to time!), but they aren’t super personal. If you use an external image, remember to reference it like we did above.

At Bandsng we also use Shutterstock, a premium stock photo site. This allows us to create custom images for our post’s featured image or freepik to create interesting images to break up the text in our article (like the image on this tip, for example ?).

5. Optimize for SEO

In the blogging world, SEO can be tricky. On the one hand, you should never put SEO over your user’s experience (UX). On the other hand, you shouldn’t ignore SEO, either.

The goal is to find the balance.

The truth is that organic searches on Google drives a huge chunk of the traffic for most websites.

If you want to maximize your SEO ranking, then we highly recommend that you optimize your blog post for important SEO ranking factors.

Below are some of the tips that we follow:

  • Add a proper meta title and description
  • Optimize for focused keywords
  • Use related keyword variation
  • Add alt-text to your images
  • Embed internal links to your other content

Add a proper meta tittle and description

The SEO of your content is very important as this brings traffic from google searches and these are the people that actually want to read your content, so by all means you blog title should contain your keyword. Think of what your reader will be searching for and if possible put your tittle in form of question. searchers always search with questions.

Use related keyword variation

Find related keywords to use when writing your blog post, use them as subheadings and on lists and even in the posts body. use google search to get these related searches, search on google the topic of your blog, scroll down and you will see related searches as indicated below.

related searches


Optimize for focused keywords

When you write your blog posts, you have to add keywords to the posts. search for lontaile keywords and use them as subheadings as you arrange your post using h1, h2, h3 and up to h6 for your tittle, subheadings and lists.

Add alt-text to your images

As you upload your images, do well to add alt-text to images and reference you images when you get them from other sources, this is important to avoid copyright infringement. The alt-text is the link search engine uses to get your images and this should be related to your keyword as well since searches on images can also bring traffic to your posts.
Embed internal links to your other content
As you write your posts remember to link the posts with other posts you have made before, find the connection. link theme together by referencing to them from every posts you make. do this at every opportunity and where relevant to give readers more information on the article they are reading.  For instance, if i am writing “Proven Tips to Create Blog Posts That Convert”  which is the tittle of this article, i should be able to define what is a blog, which is an article i must have written before, what is SEO, when i talked about SEO and so on.

one tool we recomend for blogginf is Optinmoster. A powerful lead generation software that converts abandoning visitors into subscribers.

5 Proven Tips to article writing
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